How It Works

Welcome to Business Agility CRM!

Business Agility CRM is the best customer relationship management tool you will ever experience.  We have created the best database, analytics and project management tools to give you the optimum performance in your business endeavors.  Each process in the Business Agility CRM application will allow you an in-dept experience with maximum results to your bottom line.  We have provided you step-by-step instuctions that will allow you to get up and running immediately.  If you are ready to engage Business Agility CRM, let's get started:

1. Select the "Get Started" tab in the top right hand corner which will take you to the "Log In" page to set up a new account.  You can also go to the "Plans" tab and select from the plan options presented.

2. Fill out the form and create your account by filling in your email address as well as creating your own password to gain access.

3. When you log in, on the left side you will see all of the features and modules for the Business Agility CRM.  You will not be able to use these features until you set up a "Workspace" at the top left corner of the page.  (The Business Agility CRM trial will only allow you to set up "1 workspace".  You must select a different plan to set up multiple workspaces.  The "Enterprise Plan" will allow you to have unlimited workspaces.

4. Once you set up your "Workspace" the Business Agility CRM modules will activate.  Remember, each "Plan" has a select number of modules that will engage after creating your "Workspace." 

You are now ready to use Business Agility CRM!  You can up or downgrade at any time.

Finally, Business Agility CRM uses a proprietary process to analyze your enterprise data using our powerful workflows and analytics.  The process is tailored to the role based needs of business executives of all types.  The process manages your data in a way that allows you to utilize your information in the most efficient and productive way possible.  The Business Agility CRM will also blueprint your current state of capability, identity gaps, streamline your techniques focusing your efforts in the right place and leveraging your assets to produce an immediate return on your investment.

Thank you for choosing Business Agility CRM!



Business Agility CRM does not share, rent or sell any personally identifying information provided through our site such as (name, address, email address, phone number, etc.) to any outside organization for the use of its marketing or solicitations.

Business Agility will not add you to a mailing or newsletter without your registration for this service.  We will only contact you if further information is needed for a service.  

If you choose to give Business Agility CRM your personal information for the purpose of engaging our service it will be held in the strictest of confidence under penalty of the law in the jurisdiction of your state.  This information will be proprietary to you and only be used to support your relationship with us.